Selling the whole Lot for the best offer!

I'm looking for a buyer, most likely a dealer, for the sale of ALL the Awards I still have available, both all these already listed on my Blog, as well as some more not yet listed (I've been updating it lately with most of the Awards I still have on my collection, it should be done in the near future).

If interested, pleae drop me a line to my email address supplied on the Blog, and if offered a fair price I'm willing to let the whole collection go, to the best offer.

Best regards,


Welcome to Dolf's Soviet & Mongolian Awards

As mentioned on my profile, the main goal of this blog is selling those pieces I have kept for a few years.
For most pieces I'll list them with a fixed priced.
Occasionally some pieces will be sold in an auction style.
These pieces will be listed with a starting price, and the date the auction will be closed.
In some cases there will be a Reserve Price for these, below which I won't feel obliged to sell them. Collectors interested in bidding can do so by making an offer on the comments link below the message where those pieces will be listed. Please identify yourself when bidding. These comments must be approved by the blog administrator so anonymous bids won't be accepted. You can also email me using the email address under "Contact".
When a bid reaches my Reserve Price, that will be revealed. Other bidders interested in placing higher bids may continue to do so until the closure of the auction. By the end of the auction, the higher bidder will win the right to buy that piece for the amount of his bid.

Pictures of some pieces will be shown, especially when the sale is on an auction format. For those pieces making part of a list, there will be no pictures posted, but I'll gladly email pictures for those interested.

Books, Certificates, Docs and other Militaria related to the subject will also be listed when available.

With the exception of perhaps a few Portuguese Awards I might be interested in, I'm not interested in trading the pieces shown for other pieces, so please don't ask.

Payment to be made in Euros.
Methods accepted (in all and every case please email me for details) :

-Bank transfer
-Western Union

Other possibilities that might fit you better can be arranged, with the exception of cash sent by mail.

Pieces will be shipped only by Registered mail with a tracking number, after payment has been received.

All items are 100% original and have a lifetime guarantee.

Adolfo Coelho


SM. Lot 034 - Soviet Medal for Bravery (I)

Soviet Medal for Bravery, Type 1, Variation 3, with S/N 210061. Rarity Rating: 2 on 5.
Original screwplate. According to McDaniel's Encyclopedia, lowest S/N observed is 54076, and the highest is 424925. This particular Medal is prior to 1943, as well as all 3 Variations of the early suspension Type 1 Medal.

Established by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 17, 1938.

The Medal was given for combat bravery. The first awardees were the border guards N. E. Gulyaev and B. F. Grigoryev, for combat action in the Lake Khasan area during July and August, 1938.
Prior to the beginning of WWII, some 26000 Medals for Bravery were awarded for actions during the Battles of Lake Khasan in 1938, Halhingol in 1939, and the Winter War with Finland in 1939-40.
During the Great Patriotic War, approximately 4 millions were awarded. By 1981, both Types and all Variations included, about 4.5 million had been awarded.



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